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Our story so far


The Moth

It was in 2015 that, on the occasion of my birthday, Diogo offered me the first loom. It was small and fragile, but it caught my interest from the start. In an increasingly digital world, there is something in the manual arts of the past that transports us to other times and places. That first loom took me back, and when I returned, I had created a piece. I will never forget the feeling of pride and happiness when looking at that first creation. It came out horrible, all crooked and full of flaws, but what woke me up was enough to want to find out more about the various techniques and materials of this art. That small gesture of love, the offer of a simple loom, was what started the journey that we are still going on.

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Phone: 932539592


Praça 5 de Outubro nº 9, Caldas da Rainha
Open Monday to Saturday from 10: 00/13: 00 and from 14: 30/19: 00.

The team

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    Adriana T.

    Crafts and spinning.

  • 98316875_2935811039868623_5877285418814144512_n

    Diogo G.

    E-commerce and marketing

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    Public relations

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    Joana S.

    Crafts and store management.

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