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  • How to get started with loom tapestry

    Tapestry made on hand loom is a technique that arouses more and more interest and we are often asked questions about how to start and what materials should be used. So, we would like to leave here some tips and advice for all those who want to get started in this ancient technique. Guidance / Research / Knowledge …

  • New tapestry tutorial on loom

    We made a new tutorial for all those who were having more difficulty following the previous video. This time we filmed the steps more slowly and in detail so that there are no excuses for not finishing their pieces and creations. Have fun, if you want to buy the loom, just go here. 

  • Loom mural tapestry tutorial

    To help you start making your first tapestry tapestry, we have created this video tutorial to teach you some of the basic techniques so that you can create unique and incredible pieces. In this video we are using the Traça Trapos weaving kit, but other brands and other textures can be used, let your imagination…